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Garlic and its Export to Brazil with DLY TradeLink

Garlic and its Export to Brazil with DLY TradeLink

Garlic, known as the “white gold” of Argentina, is one of the country’s most prominent agricultural products. Its intense flavor and numerous medicinal properties make it an essential ingredient in cooking and traditional medicine across many cultures worldwide. In this article, we will explore the different types of garlic, its significance in the international market, and how DLY TradeLink is bringing this Argentine treasure, mainly to Brazil, through its joint venture with Angariar Comercio Internacional. And other markets.

Types of Garlic

Creole Garlic

Creole garlic is the most traditional and native type of garlic in Argentina. With its strong and spicy flavor, it is perfect for adding a distinctive touch to any dish.

Purple Garlic

Characterized by its violet-toned skin, purple garlic is known for its mild and sweet flavor. It is highly prized in gourmet cuisine.

White Garlic

This type of garlic stands out for its white skin and balanced flavor. It is versatile and adapts to a wide variety of culinary preparations.

The International Garlic Market

Argentine garlic has gained recognition in the international market due to its superior quality and sustainable cultivation process. Brazil, being one of the major garlic importers in Latin America, represents a strategic market for the exportation of this product.

The Strategic Alliance: DLY TradeLink and Angariar Comercio Internacional

DLY TradeLink, in collaboration with Angariar Comercio Internacional, has established a joint venture to facilitate the export of Argentine garlic to Brazil. This strategic alliance combines the expertise and knowledge of both companies to ensure an efficient and successful export process.

The Importance of Traceability and Technical Data

To guarantee the quality and safety of the exported products, it is essential for producers and packers to meet the established requirements and have complete traceability and a detailed technical data sheet of their products. This not only ensures compliance with international regulations but also provides confidence to customers and end consumers.

Join DLY TradeLink: Your Partner in Garlic Export

If you are a garlic producer or packer who meets the requirements and has complete traceability and a technical data sheet for your products, we invite you to join DLY TradeLink in this exciting export adventure. Our team of experts will guide you through each step of the process, from preparation and packaging to final delivery in the Brazilian market.


Argentine garlic is a culinary and medicinal treasure that deserves to be appreciated worldwide. With the help of DLY TradeLink and its joint venture with Angariar Comercio Internacional, we are bringing this Argentine “white gold” to new horizons, especially in Brazil. Join us on this mission and be part of this success story!

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